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Student Organization Advising & Resources at UC Santa Cruz

  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
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  • Student Organization Advising & Resources

List of Registered Student Organizations 2017 - 2018

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Written by SOAR on July 19, 2016


The following chapters are not recognized by the University and are not subject to oversight by University Staff. These chapters have violated campus policies applicable to Registered Campus Organizations. Students are counseled against joining these organizations.

Delta Omega Chi ΔΩΧ
Psi Chi Omega ΨΧΩ
Ski and Snowboard Club

Student Organizations Register every Fall. The list below are the organizations that have completed the process of registration for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. This list will be updated weekly. The last day to register a student organization is December 8th, 2017. If you have any questions or would like contact information please call or email the SOAR office.
An updated list of Registered Student Organizations will be provided as organizations re-register.

Academic | Cultural & Identity | Environmental & Sustainability | General Interest | Greek Letter Organization | Performing & Visual Arts | Political & Advocacy | Professional | Religious & Spiritual | Service


American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Provide resources for aspiring medical students and give them a gist to decide if medicine is for them or not.
Aspiring Physician Assistant Association (APAA) Committed to educating pre-physician assistant students about their future profession by organizing activities and providing mentorship support.
Game Design & Art Collaborations (GDA) A student-run mock game studio giving students interested in game design an opportunity in the game making process.
Golden Key International Honor Society Enable members to realize potential; connecting individuals of high achievement with service and leadership opportunities.
Hermanos Unidos de UCSC (HU) Hermanos Unidos is a Latino male-based familia designed to retain, empower, and educate ourselves.
Kuya Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP) KAMP is a student initiated and student led retention program that targets, but not exclusive to, the Pilipinx community.
Mock Trial at UCSC To educate students on the trial court system and public speaking skill in a competitive coutroom
Model United Nations, SLUG MUN To build a MUN team to compete at conferences against other teams and facilitate student interests in global politics through constructive debate.
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) We are an honors society dedicated to scholarship, leadership and service.
Slugs United by Mathematics (SUM) To expose a new math, provide guidance for interested students and solve interesting math problems.

Cultural & Identity

African Student Union (ASU) We strive to increase awareness about the multiple African cultures/identities, eliminate stereotypical discernment of Africa & unite the African Community.
Asian American + Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA) APISA is a student initiated outreach devoted to building a strong Asian American + Pacific Islander Community.
(formerly known as the Filipino Student Association)
Bayanihan works to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Pilipinx/Pilipinx-American experience, through events and meetings that explore our identity, history, and culture.
Black Men's Alliance (BMA) To give a safe space for African American men to meet on campus.

Black Student Union
(formerly known as the African/Black Student Alliance)

The purpose of BSU is to mobilize Black students on campus to provide our community with safe, educational, healing and overall space dedicated to black bodies and well-being.
Black Women's Alliance (formely known as Black Sistah's United) Promote sisterhood and unity among Black women on campus to discuss the issues the affect us on this campus.
Chinese Student Association (CSA) Bring awareness of the Chinese culture to the UCSC community and beyond.
Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA) CSSA is dedicated to fostering friendships in the Chinese community, promoting the interests and awareness of Chinese culture in the UCSC community while helping new students settle down quickly.
Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas The purpose of this organization shall be to present Mexican culture to the UCSC community and beyond through education and dance.
Hermanas Unidas de UCSC (HaU) Create a safe place for Latina students to achieve in areas of academia, social networking, and being involved in the community. Providing a place to grow and connect with each other.
Hmong Student Association (HSA) To provide cultural awareness, to promote higher education through our outreach program, and to create a safe and welcoming environment.
Indian Student Association (ISA) To intertwine Indian culture with today's modern Indian Americans and non-Indian Americans.
Japanese Student Association (JSA) JSA is a student led organization of UCSC that supports and promote Japanese culture through cultural events, activities, and socials.
Kahaani We are UCSC's only competitive, collegiate Bollywood dance team. Looking to spread Indian culture through the Bollywood dance form to all UCSC students and faculty.
Korean American Student Association (KASA) Promote Korean culture within the UCSC community.
Salsita Dance Group To provide and cultivate an open space that enables student's retention through the appreciation of Latin American cultural dances.
Sikh Student Association (SSA) The mission of the Sikh Student Association at UC Santa Cruz is to provide a space for students to come together and feel connected with the Sikh faith, learn more and spread awareness about Sikh, talk more and address issues affecting the Sikh community, and to connect with other cultural, faith-based and activist organizations.
Student Alliance of North American Indians (SANAI) To increase the awareness of both the University and community environments regarding issues affecting indigenous people throughout the Americas and to provide support for native students at UCSC through community.
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) VSA focuses on sharing Vietnamese culture and socializing events.

Environmental & Sustainability

Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) ESLP is a collaborative interdisciplinary effort to reshape the way we learn by supporting student-led sections and guest speakers during our spring class.
Sea Slugs at UCSC To foster greater oceanic and environmental consciousness within the UCSC student body.
Slugs for Solar (S4S) Raise awareness for using solar power.
Student Environmental Center (SEC) To empower and give the resource to students to create a more sustainable campus.

General Interest

Active Minds Spread awareness of mental illnesses.
Cosplay Club To provide a community for Cosplays on campus.
Santa Cruz Fighting Game Community To bring fans of fighting games together and compete.
Sisterhood in STEM (SIS) We are a social organization dedicated to the social and academic development of women in STEM majors.
Slug Anime & Manga Association (S.A.M.A.) The purpose of this club is to promote the understanding of Japanese popular culture through the medium of its animation (anime).
Slug Gaming Slug Gaming is UCSC's premier E-Sports and Trading Card game club.

Greek Letter Organization

Alpha Epsilon Pi International Jewish fraternity seeking to provide opportunities for the college men seeking a fulfilling college experience.
Alpha Kappa Delta Phi The largest international Asian-interest sorority founded upon the pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, Asian awareness and sisterhood.
Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity that brings together boys and girls through leadership, friendship and service.
Alpha Psi Sorority Local organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining a sisterhood of women encouraging personal and social development while striving for academic excellence.
College Panhellenic To advance women's organization of the National Panhellenic conference and their commitment to personal growth.
Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional organization organized to foster the study of business in universities.
Delta Sigma Theta Sisterhood, scholarship, and community service organization.
Gamma Phi Beta To inspire the highest type of womanhood in all our members.
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha is to provide a sisterhood based on unity, love and respect in an effort to create strong leaders who are involved in political, social and cultural.
Kappa Alpha Theta Established on January 27, 8179, Kappa Alpha Theta was the very first Greek-letter fraternity for women.
Kappa Gamma Delta To assist female college students in the pre-medical process. To encourage development of leadership, communication skills and maturing. To provide support academically, socially and emotionally.
Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma is an organization to support women socially, academically, and to encourage philanthropy. To strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.
Kappa Zeta Our purpose is to promote the wellness of our sisters emotionally, academically, and socially by encouraging involvement in the community.
Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Form a strong bond uniting students to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law. To guide students in pursuing a legal career.
Pi Alpha Phi Brotherhood, Leadership, Academic Excellence, Asian Awareness, Philanthropy.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish Interest Sorority that values unity, trust, strength, sincere sisterhood and exemplifying Jewish values.
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. To nurture and further a dynamic, valued environment which utilizes our historically multicultural Latino based fraternity as a catalyst to better serve the needs and wants of all people.
Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. shall be primarily one of promoting standards of excellence in morality, ethics and education.
Sigma Mu Delta The purpose of Sigma Mu Delta at the University of California at Santa Cruz is to unify pre-medical undergraduates in brotherhood dedicated to academic excellence, as well as providing a motivational and inspirational atmosphere, which matures and strengthens the character of each brother.
Sigma Omicron Pi The first national Asian-American Interest Sorority with the objective to further the awareness of women in Asian culture and to promote unity, lifelong leadership and community service.
Sigma Phi Zeta Fraternity The multicultural Greek organization that emphasizes on cultural endeavors, academic excellence, brotherhood and philanthropic.
Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. The purpose of Sigma Pi Alpha, Inc. is to provide a safe space and support system for womyn of different cultural backgrounds to help them succeed academically and enrich their campus involvement.
Sigma Pi Fraternity International United in Brotherhood to advance truth & justice, promote scholarship, encourage chivalry and diffuse culture.
Tau Kappa Epsilon To provide a space for the moral, social, academic and professional development of better men for a better world.
Theta Chi To enhance the collegiate experience of any willing member at UCSC.
Theta Pi Sigma To provide a space for Queer Greek participation and education.
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. An organization dedicated to scholarship, service, sisterhood, and finer womanhood.

Performing & Visual Arts

Comedy Joust To perform and practice the art of improvisation.
Cloud 9 A Cappella To spread the joy of music across our campus and across the greater Santa Cruz area.
Haluan The purpose of Haluan is to foster a space where anyone can find family through a shared passion for dance.
Isang Himig Multi Cultural A Cappella This a cappella group is composed of passionate and talented individuals whose goals are to spread awareness of Filipino culture by way of music, voice, and song!
Kadaenc Keys Musical performance group dedicated to cultivating creativity through collaborating with our fellow musicians to create a unique groovy sound.
Kasama Ballroom Dance Troupe To promote community bonding and Pilipinx culture through ballroom dances.
Pagkakaisa Dance Troupe PDT is an inclusve aspect housed under Bayanihan (formerly known as the Filipino Student Association) that teaches about Pilipinx history and culture through traditional dance.
People Power Providing a space for Pilipinx-identifying students to express themselves through acting and improv via the annual Pilipino Cultural Celebration.
Sabrosura Latin Dance Troupe To spread the Latin American and Caribbean cultures/rituals through the art of dance.
Slugz II Men All-male a cappella group.
Taza Tal To enliven the community through South Asian and American A Cappella, to provide our members a chance to grow as performers and team collaborators and to compete and perform around the country.

Political & Advocacy

Banana Slugs for Animals To educate campus community about animal rights and increase plant-based options on campus.
California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) Standing up to powerful interests on behalf of students and the public.
College Democrats at UCSC We provide students who are interested in politics and opportunities to learn more about the American political system, register voters, and participate in community service projects.
College Republicans The best party on campus.
Movimiento Estudiantil ChicanX de Aztlan (MEChA) MEChA de UCSC is a ChicanX/LatinX political organization focused in organizing for social justice for the C/L Community and building solidarity with other underrepresented communities.
Platypus Affiliated Society (PAS) The Platypus Affiliated Society hosts the conversations on the left.


American Red Cross Association at UCSC The goal of this club is to further the efforts of the American Red Cross by providing members with emergency and disaster preparedness classes, community service events, and opportunities to participate in health care service projects.
Morning Sign Out (MSO) Morning Sign Out will servev as the bridge between biomedicine, and public health to the general public. Our chapter strives to work closely with each member to learn a new language of simplifying medicine and science to develop a strong, positive, and influential presence on campus.
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) To increase professional development among student engineers.
Pre-Pharmacy Student Association (PPSA) The PPSA at UCSC's mission is to provide students with information on how to prepare for pharmacy school, information about today's health care system, opportunities to learn more about specific pharmacy schools, volunteer opportunities, and leadership opportunities.
Pre-SOMA (Students of Osteopathic Medical Association) To promote osteopathic medicine, increase the number of applicants to osteopathic medical schools, supports aspiring osteopathic physicians at all levels of education, and continue the proud legacy of osteopathic medicine.
Pre-Veterinary Club at UCSC Provide support for pre-veterinary students with resources, community, volunteer opportunities and leadership positions.
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Changes lives by empowering the STEM community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.
Students for Professional Development (SPD) SPD is an organization dedicated to providing resources in enhancing professional skills for future business leaders.
University Economics Association (UEA) Help students develop professionalism and business skills.
Volunteers Around the World: Medical Outreach Program at UCSC (VAW) To provide opportunity to students to work in mobile clinics in poverty-stricken communities around the world through means of medical outreach while at the same time educate each other about different cultures and the urgency for medical resources in these countries.

Religious & Spiritual

Acts 2 Christian Fellowship (A2CF) We are a student group that seeks to share and experience God's love on campus. We study the Bible together, eat together, and learn about life together.
Hindu Student Association To promote and share Hindu culture and heritage in order to build multicultural community.
Klesis Christian Fellowship (Klesis) To build a community of believers based on the Acts 2 church. To host bible studies and answer questions people may have about God!
Muslim Student Association (MSA) To bring together Muslims of different backgrounds into one unified, organized, and proactive community.
SGI: World Peace Buddhist To help students unlock their inner potential and achieve creative harmony with their environment through the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism in the SGI-USA, transform the challenges of daily life into sources of growth and fulfillment and become a positive influence in their environment, and actively contribute to the development of peace, education and society.
Young Life Christian group on campus.


American Red Cross Association (ARCA) To further the efforts of the Red Cross.
The Balloon Art Brigade Spread pure joy to the community.
Rotaract Club of Santa Cruz County A community service based club dedicated to helping our Santa Cruz community.

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