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  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
  • Student Organization Advising & Resources
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  • Student Organization Advising & Resources

List of Registered Student Organizations from the last academic year (2013-2014)

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Written by SOAR on July 25, 2014

PLEASE NOTE : The following chapters are not recognized by the University and are not subject to oversight by University Staff. These chapters have violated campus policies applicable to Registered Campus Organizations. Students are counseled against joining these organizations.

Delta Omega Chi ΔΩΧ

Psi Chi Omega ΨΧΩ

Student Organizations Register every Fall. The list below are the organizations that have completed the process of registration for the 2013-2014 Academic Year. If you have any questions or would like contact information please call or email the SOAR office.

Organization Name                                           Description

Acquire A Capella To promote a cappella music throughout the UCSC campus and Santa Cruz community.
Actors/ Filmmakers Alliance (AFA) AFA supplies any UCSC student to take part in student directed  productions. It serves as a network between artists.
Acts 2 Christian Fellowship We seek to follow the example of the early Christian Church to Acts 2. We have weekly Bible Studies and activities. If you are looking for a place to grow, or are interested in finding out what Christianity is all about, come check us out!
African American Theater Arts Troupe (AATAT) AATAT was formed as a vehicle to create unity, higher visibility, and understanding of the African American culture here at UCSC and the greater Santa Cruz community.
African Student Union (ASU) The purpose of this organization shall be to forge and promote unity within the African community and exhibit our cultures to the wider UCSC campus.
African/ Black Student Alliance (ABSA) A/BSA is composed of students dedicated to the retention and recruitment of African/ Black/ Caribbean students at UCSC.
Afrikan Black Coalition Conference Planning Committee (ABC) The purpose of the ABC Planning Committees shall be to effectively organize and plan the upcoming ABC Conference at UCSC.
ALAY ALAY is a self-expression aspect housed under the Filipino Student Association that publishes an anthology and promotes cultural diversity through all forms of media.
Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), AEΠ To proliferate and espouse the morals of Judaism through brotherhood, social action, and philanthropy.
Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, αΚΔΦ

To promote sisterhood, scholarship, and Asian-American awareness in the community.
Alpha Phi Omega, ΑΦΩ
A National co-ed community service Fraternity. Leadership, Friendship, Service.
Alpha Psi Sorority, Αψ We are a local sorority founded by and created for girls unique from other Greek affiliations. We are dedicated to instilling four ideals into our members: academic excellence, intellectual thought, personal achievement and social development.
Ambience at UCSC
American Medical Student Association (AMSA) To aid those in their pursuit of a career in medicine.
American Red Cross Club at UCSC An organization dedicated to blood services, emergency preparedness, and disaster relief.
Anthropology Society The Anthro Society is UCSC’s official anthropology club. We aim to educate about and have fun with anthropology.
Armenian Student Association (ASA) Raising awareness of the Armenian cause and community not only on campus but in NorCal as well.
Artificial Intelligence Group The Artificial Intelligence group facilitates students collaborating to solve real world problems with current Artificial Intelligence research.
Asian/Pacific Islander Student Alliance, APISA To build a stronger Asian/ Pacific Islander community by addressing issues concerning Asian/ Pacific Islanders in safe spaces.
Banana Slugs for Animals (BSA) An animal advocacy organization dedicated to educating people about the plights of animals around the country.
Black Men's Alliance (BMA) Strengthen community and provide a comfortable environment for black males to succeed.
Black Sistahs United (BSU) To create and sustain a place for sisterhood bonding through activities such as team-building and community outreach.
Brain, Mind & Consciousness Society (BMC) The BMC’s committed to the exploration of human cognition, behavior, and experience and their applicants towards a just and sustainable future.
UCSC’s chapter of BuildOn advocates on behalf of the worlds’ illiterate by building schools in developing countries and fundraising to do so. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education.
Burmese Student Organization (BSO) The purpose of this organization shall be to promote awareness of Burmese culture through social gatherings and to provide a space for Burmese students and those interested in the Burmese culture.
California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) Standing up to powerful interests on behalf of students and the public.
Cantonese Student Association (CASA) To promote the culture of the Cantonese speaking community.
Card Game Association (CGA) To give people who enjoy the card game “magic the gathering” a place to play and gather.
Centro Americanos Unidos (CAU) CAU is a student-run organization whose purpose is to educate the UCSC community and people about Central America and its cultures, traditions, issues, ect.
Chabad Student Club (CSC) To unite Jewish students interested in helping out non-profit Chabad programs.
ChALE Chicanos and Latinos Educandose Peer retention program committed on building and strengthening the Chicano and Latino student community at UCSC.
Chess Club at UCSC Play and promote chess throughout the UCSC community.
Chinese Student Association (CSA) To promote Chinese awareness throughout campus with events.
Chinese Taiwanese Union (CTU)
To promote and raise awareness of Chinese and Taiwanese culture to the UCSC campus.
Circle K International (CKI) The purpose is to promote service, leadership and fellowship.
Cloud 9 A cappella To learn and sing a cappella songs for competition and shows.
Club Enlightenment To facilitate meditations, teach self-awareness, and discuss our vision of a more enlightened world including social, political, economic, artistic visions.
College Democrats at UCSC To engage UCSC students in democratic politics and work to elect Democrats at the local, state and national level.
College Panhellenic To promote sisterhood and leadership within the two Panhellenic organizations on campus.
College Republicans To raise awareness about the other side of social and economical issues.
Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) To bring cancer awareness and a support system for those who are fighting, have fought, or know someone who is fighting.
Comedy Joust CJ To entertain the students of UCSC through comedic improvisation.
Committee for Justice in Palestine (CJP) To educate student body about the Palestinian narrative in regards to the ongoing occupation in Israel and Palestine.
Community Aid and Resources Project (CARe) CARe provides free health services for the underserved of Santa Cruz County.
Community Unified Student Network (CUSN) CUSN is UCSC’s retention group focused on the needs of Asian and Pacific Islander students at the University.
Cosplay Club To spread Japanese appreciation through common interests of costume play.
Delta Sigma Pi, ΔΣΠ Foster the study of business in Universities; to encourage scholarship and social activity, and association of students for their mental advancement by research and practice. To promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. To further a higher understanding of commercial ethics and the welfare of the community.
Delta Sigma Theta (DST), ΔΣΘ Sisterhood, Scholarship, and community service organization.
Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) ESLP is a collaborative interdisciplinary effort to realize sustainable community through UCSC. Students participate in a weekly speaker series and form Action Research Teams in partnership w/ guest lecturers, faculty, administration, and community members to  implement tangible change.
Empowering Latino Advancement Through Education and Development (E.L.A.T.E.D.) Promote education and development among the Latino community
Faith, Education, Action, Service Together (FEAST)
We provide a progressive campus ministry dedicated to open-minded ad affirmative living, social justice, and an emerging Christian faith.
FamiliaX A space for queer and two-spirited chicano and latino students and allies to come together, build community, organize, and empower.
Feel Good at UC Santa Cruz Feel Good is a youth movement  committed to ending world hunger one grilled cheese at a time.
Filipino Student Association (FSA) The Filipino Student Association aims to promote Filipino-American culture through raising awareness about issues that may affect the UCSC campus. FSA strives to provide academic, cultural, and social support by offering a space and voice for our diverse community.
Film & Digital Media Graduate Student Association Social and department organizing and community.
Gamma Phi Beta, ΓΦB To promote the highest type of womanhood.
Gente de la Tierra (GDLT) Provide a space for students to speak and take action on environmental justice issues.
Gesher Group, Gesher, GG To provide members with education and hands-on experience in consulting and investing, with an emphasis on utilizing Israel’s thriving start up economy.
Global Brigades Organizing a volunteer trip to Honduras.
Global Student Embassy Club (GSEClub) To spread awareness of GSE opportunities to participate in international and local programs, and support individual fundraising efforts or queries people may have.
Golden Key International Honor Society Golden Key strives to unlock the potential of each of its members by upholding standards of excellence on campus and beyond. Elucidated by our three pillars- academic, leadership, service. Golden Key sets the standards of achievement in these areas.
Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas (Los Mejicas) Promote Mexican culture through dancing musica folklorica.
Hope for Haiti at UCSC To improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, through education, nutrition and healthcare.
Haluan Hip Hop Dance Troupe To provide students space for expression through hip-hop dancing and cultural awareness for Filipino Student Association.
Health and Nutrition Club To provide information on nutritional pseudo science by discussing fitness, nutrition and general well being.
Hermanas Unidas (HaU) Provide resources and leadership opportunities for predominantly Chicana/Latina college students and alumni by participating and organizing community service events, collegial networking and academic professional workshops.
Hermanos Unidos de UCSC We’re a Latino based organization open to all. We focus on 3 pillars: Social Networking, Academics, and Community Service.
Historical Research Society Interested in creating a community to bring together those with an interest in history.
Hmong Student Association (HSA) We strive to promote a higher education within the Hmong community and a safe empowering environment for students to express their opinions. We are devoted to inspire the Hmong population to further educate themselves and the local community about our culture, heritage, and traditions.
Indian Student Organization (ISO) The purpose of ISO is to spread the Indian Culture and create cultural awareness to Indians and Non-Indian members of the UCSC community.
Inter Greek Council (IGC) To unify the GLO Community and provide a unified voice for the group
Iranian Student Network (ISN) Unifying Iranian-Americans at UCSC.
Isang Himig Multi Cultural A Cappella Our group encourages and celebrates diversity and unites through music and song. We seek to foster an active community within our members.
iSee Pre-Optometry Club Our mission is to unite all UCSC students potentially interested in pursuing the field of optometry and to provide the necessary support for these individuals.
Japanese Student Association (JSA) To bring together people interested in Japanese culture so we can create a close-knit culture.
Jewish Student Union (JSU) A forum for Jewish students to plan events, hold holiday services and cultural events.
Kappa Gamma Delta, KΓΔ To assist female college students in the pre-health process during their undergraduate career.
Kappa Kappa Gamma, KKΓ Kappa Kappa Gamma is an organization of women which seeks, for every member, throughout her life, bonds of friendship and mutual support.
Kappa Zeta, KZ Bring people with common interests together.
Kasama Ballroom Dance Troupe To promote Filipino culture via the outlet of organized ballroom dancing.
Khmer Student Union (KSU) Seeks to raise cultural and historical awareness for the Khmer and non-Khmer community; and building a support group for Khmer students and their allies through social and academic connections.
Kinetic Poetics Project (KPP) The Kinetic Poetics Project organizes the bi-weekly slams at the cowell fireside lounge and the annual KPP festival.
Korean American Student Association (KASA)
KASA stands for Korean American Student Association, an organization of Korean, Korean-American, and Non-Korean Students. Our Organization promotes the unique Korean Culture through Cultural Shows, teaching the language and cooking food.
Korean International Student Organization (KISO) To support and guide increasing international/exchange students in UCSC Santa Cruz, many focusing on Korean Students.
Kuya Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP) KAMP is a retention program housed under engaging education and the Filipino Student Association. Aims to retain the underrepresented Filipino community culturally, academically and socially.
Lambda Phi Epsilon, ΛΦE Increase Asian awareness, encourage personal growth and leadership.
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc., ΛΘΑ The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha shall be to provide a sisterhood based on unity, love, and respect, to provide social and cultural activities and to carry on charitable and educational programs.
League of Slugs To provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to League of Legends players as well as host events and tournaments when possible.
Legal Education Association for Diversity (LEAD) LEAD is a pre-law org dedicated to assisting underrepresented students and aiding them during their path to law school. Ultimately, the members of LEAD wish to see a more diverse legal profession.
Love Foundation Santa Cruz (LFSC) To look for creative ways of fundraising money giving access to clean drinking water in India and to spread the universal idea of Love.
Medieval Club To teach historical facts and fighting to foster knowledge of medieval history.
Mock Trial at UCSC To give all interested students a chance to learn the skills required in a court room and to foster healthy competition across the nation.
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan (MEChA) Bring awareness to the Chican@/Latin@ community about issues concerning race, politics, and other forms of identity.
Multi-Cultural Festival Planning Committee A planning committee for the Multi-cultural Festival Planning Committee.
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Spread truth and awareness about the peaceful message of Islam and to create a safe, supportive environment for Muslim students.
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers and scientists who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) For academic excellence.
New School To promote educational growth via the internet at UCSC
Nourish International at UCSC Nourish International at UCSC engages in social entrepreneurship and works alongside communities abroad to implement sustainable development projects aimed at eradicating poverty.
Pagkakaisa Dance Troupe (PDT) Through teaching and performing Filipino Traditional Dance, PDT hopes to celebrate campus diversity and enrich cultural awareness in UCSC.
People of the Islands People of the islands purpose is to educate UCSC students on socio-historical, political and cultural issues as well as traditions.
People Power The acting troupe of the Filipino Student Association that promotes diversity and fosters a community that is comfortable performing in front of small to large scale awareness.
Phi Alpha Delta, ΦΑΔ
P.A.D. is a professional co-ed fraternity geared towards helping you figure out if law school is right for you.
Philosophical Slug Society Our purpose is to build a stronger community within the philosophy department as well as provide an inclusive forum for philosophical discourse.
Pi Alpha Phi Asian Interest Fraternity.
Pre-Dental Society (PDS) The purpose of the Pre-Dental Society is to expose the students of UCSC to the field of dentistry. It will make the members the most competative dental school applicants.
Pre-Pharmacy Student Association (PPSA) Provide students interested in Pharmacy with resources pertaining to school applications, job career etc.
Pre-SOMA An undergraduate pre-medical organization focused on Osteopathic medicine, we are directly affiliated with the student Osetopathic Medical Association and the American Osteopathic  Association (AOA).
Pre-Veterinary Club at UCSC To engage interested students to pursue a career in veterinary medicine by providing support, community, volunteer opportunities, and leadership positions.
Queer Student Union (QSU) Queer programming body to empower, educate, and build a better UCSC queer community.
Rainbow Theater To bring multicultural theatre to the campus and provide outreach and retention services.
Rise Up Development Collective (RUDC) Building a much needed clinic in a remote part of Ghana by organizing and coordinating insightful events fueled by skill and ambition of UC students.
Rockband Club Our purpose is to get you musicians who are itching to play in a band studying, practicing, rehearsing, and then gracefully rocking onstage for a beautiful audience all with the help of band mates you shall befriend.
Rotaract of Santa Cruz County We are a university-based community service club that also provides professional networking and fellowship opportunities to members.
Sabrosura Dance Troupe To spread the Latin American and Caribbean cultures/rituals through the art of dance.
Santa Cruz Consulting (SCC) Consulting services for non-profits.
Scientific Slug To provide students with the opportunity to interpret and communicate scientific research exclusive to UCSC.
Sea Slugs Bridging the gap between the local Santa Cruz surf community and student surfers through beach cleanups, fundraisers, and raising the collective consciousness on issues affecting the local environment.
Secular Student Alliance To facilitate a welcoming community on campus for atheists, agnostics, and nonbelievers of all kinds.
Sierra Institute We aim to encourage people to get out into nature--Alternative Abroad Program Encouraging Bioregionalism.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, ΣAEΠ Sigma is a Jewish-interest sorority that promotes unity, support, and Jewish awareness and prides itself on sisterhood, new opportunities, and the community.
Sigma Lambda Beta, ΣΛB 
To nurture and further a dynamic, values-based environment which utilizes our historically Latino based fraternity as a catalyst to better serve the needs and wants of all people.
Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc., ΣΛΓ To provide a mechanism of empowerment for all women.
Sigma Mu Delta, ΣMΔ The purpose of Sigma Mu Delta at the University of California at Santa Cruz is to unify pre-medical undergraduates in brotherhood dedicated to academic excellence, as well as providing a motivational & inspirational atmosphere, which matures and strengthens the character of each brother.
Sigma Omicron Pi (SOPi), ΣOΠ We strive to build friendships. Our main goals are to strive to become great and give back to the community of leaders.
Sigma Phi Zeta, ΣΦZ Gentlemen's Fraternity seeking to empower leaders through Academic Excellence, Brotherhood, Community Service and Multiculturalism.
Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, ΣΠA Motto: “Mujeres con cultura, fuerza, y hermandad.” A Chicana/Latina sorority that is academic and philanthropy based.
Sigma Pi Fraternity International, ΣΠ Sigma Pi man will strive for excellence by living our core values of promoting fellowship, developing character and leadership. Advancing heightened moral awareness, enabling academic achievement, inspiring service.
Sikh Student Association To introduce to the UC Santa Cruz campus an avenue to learn and spread awareness about the Sikh community; to study, discuss, and address issues that effect the Sikh and Punjabi community in Punjab and a-broad; and to connect with other cultural and faith based organizations.
SlugLug UCSC Linux Users Group
Slugs in Fishnets To perform and entertain the university and the city of Santa Cruz with a popular cultural show that is only brought on by the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) The purpose of this organization is to provide a supportive community for science and engineering students of all backgrounds. As a professional organization we are committed to supplying resources to fellow members regarding future career opportunities and potential employers.
STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition Our mission is to spread awareness about genocide through engaging students.
Student Alliance of North American Indians (SANAI) To establish a visible student Native American community on campus to promote Native student wellness.
Student Association of Health Exploration Exploring the different avenues of health employment opportunities available to students after graduation.
Student Environmental Center (SEC) To promote student involvement through research, education, and implementation of environmentally sustainable practices on campus in collaboration with the university.
Students for Professional Development (SPD) Providing resources in enhancing professional skills of future business leaders.
Study Abroad Club The Study abroad club is for anyone who is interested in international education, to talk and tell stories as well as provide support for prospective, returned or continuing students studying abroad.

Students & Mathematics

To expose new math, provide guidance for interested students an solve interesting math problems.
Tau Kappa Epsilon, TKE To better develop men academically, professionally, and socially.
The Gentlemen’s Alliance Our mission is to create well-rounded individuals who prioritize development and growth in the areas of academia, chivalry, etiquette and vitality.
The Hightones All female acapella group.
Theta Chi, ΘX Theta Chi provides leadership development for young men. Theta Chi inspires true friendship and extends the helping hand to all who seek it.
Theta Pi Sigma, ΘΠΣ 
To strengthen Greek life by providing a vehicle for positive leadership, change, and growth in the LGBTQIA community.
Tri Chi Sorority (Chi Chi Chi), XXX
Providing a positive collegiate experience through our commitments to sisterhood, social outreach, and community service.
Undergraduate Research Science Association (URSA) To provide community & career resources to undergraduates interested with careers in biological research.
Union Salvadorena de Estudiantes
Universitarios (USEU)
Unify Salvadoran students for purposes of community and educational empowerment.
University Economics Association (UEA) Creating business opportunities for undergraduate students seeking to get a jump start in the business world.
Vagina Organization (Vag Org) We create, produce, and perform the Vagina Monologues to raise awareness and money towards violence against women globally.
VIDA Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventures Humanitarian organization aimed to provide healthcare in impoverished communities in Central America by recruiting and encouraging student volunteers.
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) To expose students to Vietnamese culture, bring cultural diversity to UCSC, organization for people to interact with a common interest.

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