Greek Life at UCSC

on February 20, 2015

What are Greek Letter Organizations and What Do They Do?

  • A Greek letter organization is a collective of students, defined by their distinct foundational principles, geared towards collaborative efforts for a given cause or mission statement. In other words, a diverse group of people working together towards common goals. These organizations typically specialize in either community service, professional development or networking experience - most Greek letter organizations work to excel in all three of those key areas.

    "Greek letter organizations are a truly amazing way to enhance your college career." -Anonymous '15


  • Greek letter organizations coordinate their own events including social events, trainings, fundraising events and philanthropic community service with support from SOAR. As a whole, the Greek community also has large-scale events such as, attending educational seminars, trainings and SOAR orientations, rush tabling, Greek Week and an All-Greek Formal. In addition to Greek-wide events, many Greek organizations hold small to large scale events with non-Greek organizations to create a broader sense of community on the UCSC campus.

"Greek life has opened so many doors for me, and I have felt much more motivated to get out in the world and do things because my sisters push me to be the best version of myself." -Anonymous '14

  • Here at UC Santa Cruz there are 26 active Greek letter organizations which hold almost one thousand UCSC students making about 1% of the UCSC population an active GLO member. These twenty six organizations fall under two governing councils, the Inter-Greek Council and the Panhellenic Council which serve as a place for leadership from all organizations to work on projects together as a united Greek community. Additionally, the Expansion Council works to assess the needs of the existing Greek community and the need to introduce new Greek organizations on-campus. More information about the Greek organizations and governing councils can be found here.



"Leaders of this community that I have interacted with are all involved in greek organizations. The majority of my co-workers are affliated with a greek org."              -Anonymous '14



Joining a Greek Letter Organization is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Recruitment/Rushing - The recruitment process (also known as rushing) consists of attending large greek-wide gatherings or private organization events to speak with and get to know the members of Greek organizations. The goal of rushing is to research and experience which organization's membership and goals align with your own. For more information on UCSC Greek letter organizations please reference the Greek Letter Organizations page.
  2. Bidding - Bidding is the mutual process of asking for admittance of the organizations you wish to be in. You must show a passion and interest in the mission of an organization then ask the organization for a bid to join. Once the organization verifies that you meet all of their requirements and will contribute to their communal mission, the organization sends a formal invitation to begin the pledging process.
  3. Pledging - Pledging is geared towards creating a sense of community within the organization, the Greek system, and broader communities. While the pledging process varies by organization, it is typically spans one academic quarter and is against any forms of hazing. The process allows you to utilize your skills, learn new things, and achieve your own goals with help and support from these communities. For more information on UCSC's Anti-Hazing Policies please reference the UCSC Student Handbook.